ziftrCOIN configuration


your ziftrCOIN wallet address (i.e. ZMmP855CkTRapBWfSdj4EB9rdJ7as8ic8Q)


anything (i.e. "x")



URL (VARDIFF 0.002):


To get started with pool mining, follow these steps:

Mining with ziftrCOIN-Qt wallet:

1. Go to zrc.multipools.info and download a ziftrCOIN-Qt wallet with Stratum Pool support

2. Open up your ziftrCOIN-Qt wallet and click the Mining tab

3. Under "Type," select "Pool Mining"

4. Enter the Pool Server URL ( stratum+tcp://multipools.info ), Port ( 44444 ),

Username ( i.e. ZMmP855CkTRapBWfSdj4EB9rdJ7as8ic8Q ) and Password ( i.e. "x" )

5. Click "Start Mining"

Mining with standalone Optimized CPU miner:

1. Go to zrc.multipools.info/downloads and download the dedicated Optimized CPU miner

2. Edit / Create a shell script with these values:

Windows: minerd.exe -a zr5 -o stratum+tcp://multipools.info:44444 -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS -p YOUR_PASSWORD

Linux: ./minerd -a zr5 -o stratum+tcp://multipools.info:44444 -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS -p YOUR_PASSWORD

3. Save the file as you like (i.e. "start_mining.cmd" on Windows or "start_mining.sh" on Linux)

4. Run command script to start mining

- On Windows: double click the edited / created start_mining.cmd

- On Linux: Enter chmod +x start_mining.sh in shell and after that ./start_mining.sh

Mining with your GPU:

If you have an nVIDIA GPU refer to ccMiner in the download section zrc.multipools.info/downloads

If you have an AMD GPU refer to SGMiner in the download section zrc.multipools.info/downloads

More help about configuring GPU miners you can get in the threats in bitcointalk.org and Reddit

Helpful Links

ziftrCOIN @ bitcointalk.org: bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=970363.0

ziftrCOIN Reddit: www.reddit.com/r/ziftrCOIN/

ziftrCOIN Twitter: www.twitter.com/ziftrCOIN

ziftrCOIN homepage: www.ziftrCOIN.com